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About Our Team

We're an Australian founded company and have created HaloPods with a single driving purpose in mind. Deliver the highest quality wireless headphones that both don't cost a fortune, but that also don't sacrifice any kind of quality to get there. 


With that vision in mind we've perfected the HaloPods 3 and the new HaloPods PRO and are confident these can successfully compete with any other big named brands on the shelves. It's been painfully obvious to us that most other companies jack the prices of their headphones up to ridiculously high prices knowing that people recognise name value but that's simply not necessary for us. We have rigorous testing procedures that guarantee the same quality but the difference is we don't feel the need to make people consider getting a loan out just to purchase a pair.

We really feel that the comfort and enjoyment of studio-level sound shouldn't be restricted to those who are okay forking out hundreds of dollars and with our HaloPods costing only a mere fraction of the price we've been able to make this possible to anyone and lift those restrictions.

We operate out of Brisbane, Australia and offer same week shipping, as well as shipping worldwide from our factory here in Australia. Our plan is to continue selling online here though look out for us on the shelves in the near future in stores around Australia.

We're extremely confident you'll shop with HaloPods and enjoy every second of listening you have with our headphones.


We are in no way affiliated with Apple or AirPods and are a completely seperate brand. 

Experience the difference!